The Narrows Connecting Trail
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(Last updated October 2015)
Update. We have been waiting for a trail to be put through from 146th South to the Jordan Narrows Trail Head. Well, it's gradually being finished, probably before the spring of 2016. I was told that the holdup was due to property owners refusing to allow a trail though their land. Now the county is putting a major culinary water line though that area, and put the trail in along with it.
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The present Jordan Parkway ends at 146th South in Bluffdale. If you go west about a block on 146th South, there is a dead end road going south, (1300 W), and a half mile distance along that road the new paved trail begins. At first it only went for a couple of miles to where it temporally ended.

In October of 2015 I did a ride there from the south side, and found almost all of it is paved. They are waiting on a bridge across one of the canals, and then they will pave the last bit of trail. As of the 15th of October, there was no way past where the trail will bridge the canal.

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This is along the new Narrows connecting trail, from Bluffdale

The south end of this trail starts from the Jordan Narrows trailhead next to Camp Williams. The biginning is just a short distance down hill from the trailhead, where the trail makes a 180° turn. The new trail is an intersecting trail going north. The first half mile of it has been there for a couple of years, but now it will go all the way through by spring of 2016.

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This is where the connectiing trail starts from the Jordan Narrows Trail

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