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(Last update March 2016)
Update - It is now possible to ride from the north side of Roy Utah, all the way south to Utah Lake at Saratoga Springs. There are only two detours from the trail. The one between North Temple to I-80 in Salt Lake City, and one in Bluffdale from 146th going south a half mile. Of course there will be other detours due to unseen events at different times. See info below for best ways through.

Ogden/Weber River Trail: One can ride this trail along the Ogden River from the mouth of Ogden Canyon west to where it meets the Weber River, then south all the way though Riverdale. Since I started riding in 2008, there have been a number of trail improvements, additions, repairs and so on. For one, A bridge over the Ogden River close to Ogden Canyon was added, and a tunnel under SR-39 to connect the trail to the north bound Bonneville Trail.

From the confluence of the Ogden and Weber rivers there is a trail going west that did end at the I-15 Freeway, but in 2012 more paved trail was added extending it to 1900 West and 1350 South.

Also a new trail section was completed below the 24th street viaduct in Ogden, going under a rail line there to get to Fort Buenaventura.

South of there a new trail connects from Ogden to Riverdale, making it usable by building underpasses below railroad tracks at each end.

In the lower parts of Ogden, they are now developing River Parks along the river. The existing trail was ripped out for this, but has all been repaved now, though the parks still have a lot of work before being finished.

Denver & Rio Grande Rail Trail: Work is almost complete along the old Denver Rio Grande Rail Line, to pave it from the north Side of Roy City to Farmington and connect to the Legacy Trail. Much of that has been paved now. On the north end it starts under Hinckley Drive, the north side of Roy, and going south it ends at the Farmington Creek Trail which you can use to cross over to Tippetts Lane, then east by a short sidewalk along the south side of the State Street overpass to the Legacy Trail.   CLICK for Legacy Connection Map

Update:The 3 mile section of the Rail Trail south of Farmington Creek is now paved. One can ride all the way through to West Bountiful, by staying on the Prospector Trail to the south end. From the north side of Roy City to West Bountiful is 25 miles of paved trail.

Connection from the Denver & Rio Grande Rail Trail over to the Ogden and Weber River trails:
The north end of the Rail Trail ends below Hinckley Drive. There is a short trail going west that puts you on Hinckley Drive. You can ride to the east past the Ogden Airport where Hinckley Drive becomes 31st Street, and after crossing the river turn right onto Parker Drive. Just after crossing the river again look on the left for the trailhead parking and the Riverdale Trail. This is at the north end of Riverdale. This method involves Steep hills either way.

Another way is to turn left on Hinckley Drive and go west to Midland Drive, turn right and follow it to 1900 West, go north until you cross the river, about 2 miles. On the west side of 1900 W. at 1350 S, is a trail that runs east and joins the Ogden and Weber Rivers at the junction were they come together. You can ride north and east along the Ogden River, or south along the Weber River.   CLICK for Ogden Connection Map

Legacy to Jordan River Connection: In 2010 the north half of the trail was paved to connect Legacy Trail to the Jordan Trail, leaving one mile to go. In the fall of 2011 the rest of the trail was paved and in February of 2012 the boardwalk was finished and opened. You can ride all the way through now.

Jordan River Trail: Along the Jordan River, a tunnel has been added below I-80 east/west in Salt Lake City, but the trail under the tracks between North Temple and I-80 is only being talked about.

At about 22nd South, a tunnel has been installed below the new Light Rail into West Valley.

There is a new underpass below the Light Rail into West Jordan at about 75th South.

Over at 114th South, a new bridge to extend 114th to the west has been finished, with a pedestrian bridge placed alongside of it. The trail is now paved through there.

South of 123 South, the trail was torn up to install new water lines. It is now paved again and open.

Down south of the Jordan Narrows, the trail under Pioneer Crossing is finished and open, and so is the trail under the divided highway 2100 North, (Mountain View Corridor). That is all finished and paved now.

Unfinished: You still have to detour from North Temple to I-80, going east and using 10th west is the best way.

Update - There wasn't a trail between 85th South and 7th west over to 90th South. You had to ride 7th West over to 90th. Now about a half mile south of 78th South there is a new bridge back over to the west side of the river, and a new trail running south to 90th, with a tunnel under 90th. The trail runs east to the main trail at River Woods Golf Course.

Also there has been no trail connection from 146th South in Bluffdale to the new trailhead above the Jordan Narrows. They have started a new trail going north from the Jordan Narrows Trailhead. The trail starts a little way down the Narrows Trail where the trail makes a 180° turn. It ends about a half mile from 146th South in Bluffdale. A short way from the 146th South Trailhead, It begins on 1300 West, about a half mile south of 146th. See the map.   CLICK for map of Jordan Narrows Trail

Newest Update. We have been waiting for a trail to be put through from 146th South to the Jordan Narrows Trail Head. Well, it's gradually being finished, most was paved by spring of 2016, and you can ride though now. I was told that the holdup was due to property owners refusing to allow a trail though their land. Now the county has put a major culinary water line though that area, and placed the trail in along with it. The section on the map with a dashed orange line is now paved. See map above for trail details.

Check my trail ride pages to find more details about getting though any of these areas.

All trails: There will always be sections of the trail closed for one thing or another. When you consider the length of these trails, something will always be going on.

Then there is the problem of river flooding in the spring. Many of the underpasses below streets and railroad lines will be flooded. You must find ways to detour around these in the spring. Some are easy, requiring crossing the street above, but others require long detours along city streets to get around.

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I used a small Canon Powershot, SX210, 14 Megapixel Camera which has Image Stabilazation and a lens going from wide angle to 14x optical zoom. These photos are set to lower resolution and compressed 10:1 for faster loading. You are welcome to look at or download any of the photos. If you use them on any other webpage, please give credit and refer back to me.

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