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Adam's Canyon is located in Davis County Utah, a canyon on the west side of the Wasatch Mountains. It is found just east of Oak Hills Drive in Layton Utah. The canyon runs east along the North Fork of Holmes Creek. There are two waterfalls along this stream, with many smaller falls and rapids as well. Getting to the trailhead can be a bit difficult. To get there you have to take a frontage road (EastSide Drive) along the east side of Highway 89, the entrance to it about a 1/4 mile north of Oak Hills Drive.

The larger upper falls are about 1.7 miles up the canyon, and about 1,345 feet higher than the trailhead. The trail is fairly steep, and in some places steep as a ladder. The trail crosses the creek a few times. In some places there may be a bridge. The bridges don't last long, so there may be one, or maybe not. Up at the falls you have to wade across the creek to get a good look at the falls. In the spring you will get wet, later in the year it's not as bad, and you can probably get across stepping on rocks. When the water is high, some parts of the trail will be under water. The hike isn't really very difficult, and many people do hike it. One potential problem though is trying to hike above the falls. A few people have lost their lives trying to climb up to get around the falls. If you really want to go higher, there is another trail that runs above the canyon on the north side. It starts on the first level bench above the trailhead.

 Adams Canyon Upper Falls

The lower falls are a bit harder to find. There is a trail to them, but not used as much and not easy to find. Look for it just as you start up from that first level bench above the trailhead. You have to hike about a hundred feet south, and drop down into the canyon. Though quite close to the homes in the area, it can't be seen from any of them.

 Adams Canyon Lower Falls

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Adams Canyon, 2011
 Adams Canyon, 2011

Adams Canyon 2005
 Adams Canyon, 2005

Adams Canyon 2004
 Adams Canyon, 2004

Adams Canyon 2002
 Adams Canyon, 2002

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