Farmington Creek Trail Connection
Denver Rio Grand Rail Trail and Legacy Parkway
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(Last updated October 2013)
For a long time, people were asking for a paved trail between Legacy and the Rio Grande Rail Trail. The problem was getting enough of the Rail Trail paved to connect over to Legacy which does run along part of the old rail line.

As of 2011 the Rail Trail has been paved from the north side of Roy Utah, south to Farmington where it connects to the Farmington Creek Trail. You can use the Farmington Creek Trail to cross over to Tippetts Lane, then east by a short sidewalk along the south side of the State Street overpass to the Legacy Trail.

There is still about 3 miles unpaved along the rail line going south from Farmington Creek that will someday be paved all the way to Glover's Lane and Legacy, but we can now ride through on to Legacy using the Farmington Creek trail connection.

Update:The 3 mile section of the Rail Trail south of Farmington Creek is now paved. One can ride all the way through to West Bountiful, by staying on the Prospector Trail to the south end. From the north side of Roy City to West Bountiful is 25 miles of paved trail.

To find the Farmington Creek Trail when riding north along the Legacy Parkway, watch for where the trail goes under State Street in Farmington, take the trail on the south south side of the underpass west up to Tippetts Lane, and look for the Farmington Creek trail a little farther west. In seven tenths of a mile it connects with the Rail Trail.

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Also a new section has been paved at the north end of Legacy, from the Frontrunner Parking lot over to Burke Lane. You can travel down Burke Lane to the Rail Trail, Burke Lane is now paved.

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Farmington Creek Trail connects the Rail Trail to Legacy Trail

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