Ride for Diabetes
June 2012 - 36 photos

Some of the rides we do, are to raise money for charity. This one was to raise money for Diabetes. Five of our group decided to go for this one. It was held up in Brigham City Utah in June of 2012. There were four different routes, depending on how far we wanted to ride; 25, 60, 80, and 100 miles. We chose the 60 mile ride, (also labled as 100 Kilometers), which is really equal to 62 miles, and was what we actually rode.

This ride took place out in Box Elder County, between Brigham City and Tremonton.

On the day of the ride, we had to get up quite early, as we had to check in and be ready to ride by 7:30 AM. The event began at Rees Pioner Park in Brigham City. The riders go out in small groups to keep down the numbers leaving at the same time, since there are hundreds that sign up for the ride. When we checked in, they gave each of us a tee shirt labled TourdeCure. Most people didn't put them on, but wore the Jerseys we came with. We were told that if we met our goal in raising the money for this charity, that we would be given a very nice Jersey. When we signed up, we were told that it would be sent to us in the mail at a later time. Turned out to be months later.

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Getting ready for the TourdeCure ride

The ride left Rees Pioneer Park going west out past the freeway, then north to Corinne, then west to a stop at Little Mountain, then farther west to Lampo Junction where we turned north through Penrose and another stop at Thatcher. We then went east to Garland where they supplied lunch. After lunch we rode back south to Bear River City, and then back through Corinne into Brigham City.

One thing I might mention about this ride, it was on a very windy day. The wind averaged about 30 to 35 mph, coming out of the west. It was the strongest wind I have ridden in, and really gave us a workout.
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I used a Canon Powershot SX260 with wide angle to 20x optical zoom. These photos are set to lower resolution and compressed 10:1 for faster loading. You are welcome to look at or download any of the photos. If you use them on any other webpage, please give credit and refer back to me.

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