Bicycle Ride in Ogden Valley
2008 and 2010 - 48 photos

(Last updated November 2010)
There are some paved trails in the Eden/Huntsville area, but they are not finished at this time. I rode some of these back in December of 2008, (story below), but have since done a ride all the way around Pineview Reservoir. Bill Joy and I went up to Ogden Valley in July of 2010. Bill thought it might be cooler up there, and it was, probably by 10° at least. Although there was wind coming out of Ogden Canyon, there was no wind up in the valley. It was a great ride, not a lot of traffic, and when we got away from the main roads very quiet. The only problem, some of the time we had to ride along very narrow roads with no shoulder room to escape the cars.

We started just a short distance from the dam along the north side, riding up through Eden. There is a bike path from Eden most of way to Huntsville, but it isn't finished yet. When we ran out of paved bike trail east of Eden, we took a dirt road up to Middle Fork Canyon, then it was paved all the way over to Huntsville. Going that way we missed 3 of the larger hills along the main road, so that was nice, and no traffic either. When we got to Huntsville, we rode out to the end of Cemetery Point to the picnic grounds, then back through Huntsville and on around to Anderson Cove Campgrounds, then along the south side of the lake and across the dam back to the car. We rode 25 miles and it was enough.

Many of my pictures here are of Bill riding, taken from the back as I rode along behind him. I take many of my pictures while riding, otherwise it's hard to catch up if I stop.

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Highway 39 on the south side of Pineview, from ride around Pinview Reservoir

In December of 2008, I parked my car at the Pineview North Arm Trailhead. There are some nature trails that begin there as well as two paved trails. One paved trail starts across the street going north over to the Snowcrest Junior High School. There is one short but very steep part. The other paved trail runs along the south side of the road into Eden, then turns south and follows the Old Road around the lake up to Huntsville. This trail is not complete and ends where the main road going east our of Eden, turns south. The other end starts at the crossroad junction in Huntsville and runs north then west headed back towards Eden for about 1.5 miles, ending where the road turns north again. The plan is for these trails to someday be joined. For now, you have to ride the edge of the highway between them and it is a very narrow road with no paved shoulder. You may have to leave the road if two cars pass each other while passing you. This ride has a few hills along the way, but not too much of a workout. Later I found it easier to take the dirt road east of Eden to Middle Fork, and from there a paved road over to Huntsville.

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Older ride from Northarm Trailhead parking lot in Eden

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I used a Canon Powershot SD700 IS Digital Elph, 6 megapixel, with 4x optical and 4x digital zoom. These photos are set to lower resolution and compressed 10:1 for faster loading. You are welcome to look at or download any of the photos. If you use them on any other webpage, please give credit and refer back to me.

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