Parley's Trail in Salt Lake City
November 2017 - 40 photos

(Last update January 2018)
Someone wrote me at my webpages, asking if I had checked out the Parley's Trail in Salt Lake City. I hadn't, so decided to go ride it that frist time back in 2012. I checked online for information about this trail, and there wasn't much. I did find a map that didn't work for me. I was unable to find the western portion of the trail that goes under the freeway and over the railroad yards. After doing the ride, I checked back where I got the map and it said it was a future layout. No wonder I couldn't find my way.

Over the years since, I have continued to ride this trail, seeing more sections finished from time to time. Finally, most of it has been completed. In the early days, most of this ride was along streets in the east part of town, with signs pointing the way to go. Now there is a trail all the way east from Sugarhouse Park. My lastest ride was in November 2017

Starting from Redwood Park along the Jordan River Parkway, crossing the bridge there, work your way east to 900 West, then go a block north to where the trax line crosses over above the street on a bridge. Along the south side of this is a sidewalk going east. There is a trail sign there. This is the trail and it climbs up over the railroad yards alongside the Trax Trolley Line. At 300 West go south to Haven Ave and go east, then north to Senior Way, east to Main Street, north a little and find the Trax S-Line. Go east to State Street where the trail starts. It follows the S-Line east through the city.

At the top end of the S-Line, go to next street east, then the next street north, cross to the east and ride back to the north east corner of large parking area. There you will find the trail in Hidden Hollow. The trail goes under 1300 East into Sugarhouse Park. The trail continues on up the south side of the park, then you cross over the freeway at 1700 East. You will find the new trail along the south side of I-80 going east.

When you cross the long pedestrian bridge over I-215 Beltway, the trail splits and part goes on up a bit higher, part goes under the long bridge continuing on north as the Foothill Trail. It eventually becomes a sidewalk into the city. The total round trip for me was 20 miles.

The pictures shown for this trail were taken from different rides.
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the earliest part of Parley's Trail, running east from Tanner Park

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I used a Canon Powershot SX260 with wide angle to 20x optical zoom, and 12 megapixels. These photos are set to lower resolution and compressed 10:1 for faster loading. You are welcome to look at or download any of the photos. If you use them on any other webpage, please give credit and refer back to me.

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