August 2006 - 72 photos

On August 6th of 2006, I took one of my neighbors and her parents for a hike to Ben Lomond Peak from Willard Basin. We passed below Willard Peak, crossing on the ridge between the peaks. The trail is only about 3½ miles one way and rises in altitude 1,075 feet. Ben Lomond is 9,712 above Sea Level.

We did see a lot of Mountain Goats along the way and some Moose at Perry Reservoir as we were driving up. This year there were flowers, more flowers than I have ever seen up there. We managed to take more than 700 photos between us and it was a hard choice deciding what not to use here. I managed to get it down to 10%.

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North side of Ben Lomond Peak

Three of us have top quality cameras and we were hoping to see some Mountain Goats on this hike. We got our wish. They were all over the mountain side. We took our large telephoto lenses along, hoping for some great photos, and we got them. As we rounded a bend along the trail, one large Billy Goat was less than a hundred feet from us. See picture below. Quite a thrill for us amateur photographers. Most of the goats we photographed were much farther away, some about 500 feet and many over a thousand feet away.

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The Mountain Goat we saw up close

If you are interested in Mountain Goats, check out   Ben Lomond 2005   &   Willard Pk 2008

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If you want to drive up to Willard Basin, I have included a couple of maps showing the way. I broke the map into two parts so that it can be printed. Take highway 91 east from Brigham City and get off at the exit for Mantua, (Man-ta-way), The road is marked in red on the map, but be advised, the road is a 4 wheel vehicle road only. After the first half it gets very rough. It takes more than an hour to travel it one way. Watch out for off road ATV's, as they travel this road a lot.

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Two of us used the Canon EOS 20D, 8.2 Megapixel SLR Camera and one a Canon Digital Rebel XT, 8.0 Megapixel. We all took photos using an assortment of telephoto lenses as well.

Our original photos were taken at aprox 3050 x 2000. These photos are set to 750 x 500 for faster loading. You are welcome to look at or download any of the photos. If you use them on any other webpage, please give credit and refer back to me.

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