October 2004
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On the 14th of October, 2004, I attended a Friesian Horse showing. This show is a form of competition for both rider and horse. The part I photographed was a demonstration of riders in "Dressage". From what I understand, these ladies have to earn the right to wear certain costume fittings, like those who have done very well in past competition get to wear the top hats and the very best have long coat tails as well.

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The Friesian horse is enjoying a revival. He is a noteworthy sight in the show ring. His shiny black coat, flying mane and tail, and high action, form an imposing image. The Friesian has become a great and talented show horse.

“Friesland” (“Fryslan” in the Friesian language) is one of the twelve provinces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Friesland is an old country. 500 years B.C. Frisians settled along the borders of what is known now as the North Sea. Frisian horsemen served in the Roman Legions. The Friesian horse is gentle, honest, sober, high-mettled and clever. It is descended from the western European horse that has been in general use from the earliest days on and that attained high perfection as the Knight's horse, the destrier.

The Friesian horse descends from the Equus robustus, (Big Horse). During the 16th or 17th century Arabian blood was introduced, especially through Andalusian horses from Spain. This has given them the high knee-action, the small head and the craning neck.

The Friesian horse has been kept free from influence of the English Thoroughbred and during the last two centuries it has been bred pure and exclusively black. The only white allowed is a small white spot between the eyes. In bygone days Friesian horses were of different colors.

Source for this information was found at the Friesian Horse Association of North America, FHANA

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Friesian Horse

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The photos shown here were taken with a Canon EOS 300D, (Digital Rebel), a 6.3 Megapixel SLR Camera, using a Canon EF 100- 400mm IS telephoto Zoom lens, (3x to 13x), which uses special Electronic Image Stabilization. These photos were taken from long distances, anywhere from 75 to 300 feet, and the camera was hand held.

The original photos were taken at 3072x2048. Most of These photos have been cropped to 500 x 550 for faster loading. You are welcome to look at or download any of the photos. If you use them on any other webpage, please give credit and refer back to me.

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