Snowbasin Area
October 2009 - 19 photos

I went hiking again with Judy and Georgia on October 25th of 2009. First we hiked up to the Maples Picnic area in the morning. We finished that hike early in the afternoon, so decided to walk up to Green Pond, a fairly short hike. Stopping at the trailhead parking lot along the new Snowbasin road, can be deceiving. The trail sign gives the impression that Green Pond lies down hill from there. The trail to Green Pond is actually on the up-hill side of the road. When we were hiking earlier in the morning from down lower along the Old Snowbasin Road, I noticed that one of the trails was labeled Green Pond trail 2.25 miles. That trail ends up at this upper parking lot. One can also start out at Art Nord and end up on this same trail. From this parking lot on up the hill, Green Pond is less than a mile.

If you are interested in our morning hike, click here:   the Maples Trail hike    

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Green Pond in October of 2009

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Last winter Roy and I went to Green Pond on snowshoes, and not having a trail to follow, we were not positive that we found the right place because of all the snow. For all we knew, it might have been a flat field covered with snow, but this large flat area seemed to be in the right place.

To see the same area in winter, click here:   GreenPond in Winter

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Green Pond in March of 2009

Well, I guess Roy and I did find Green Pond, because there was a small lake right where I expected to find it. This time we followed the trail, which crossed the hillside back and forth many times. When Roy and I hiked up there on snowshoes, we followed in tracks of somebody before us, walking straight up a ravine on top of the snow. That trail did not go to the lake, but continued on up to the Strawberry Gondola area. We spent some time looking for Green Pond on the way down, feeling quite sure that we had found it. Turns out we were right.

This October trip along the trail worked out better, and took us right to the Pond. This was a short walk at 1.68 miles round trip, and we only climbed 252 ft.

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We started this hike from the Green Pond Trailhead parking lot, located a short distance along the new Snowbasin road (SR 226) from Trappers Loop road (SR 167). The parking lot and Trail Sign are on the right side of the road, giving the impression that Green Pond lies down hill from there. The trail to Green Pond is actually on the up-hill side of the road. The lower trail goes down and splits, one going to Art Nord and the other Wheeler Creek Middle Fork. Those trails are part of the Green Pond trail. Just depends on where you start.

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The Green Pond Trailhead parking lot - the trail starts on this side

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My photos were taken with a Canon EOS 40D, 10.1 Megapixel SLR Camera and the Canon EFs 17-85mm IS wide angle to 5x zoom lens. I carried a Canon EF 70-300mm IS Telephoto for close ups. Some of these photos were taken by Judy Watson with her Canon Digital Rebel SLR and additional lenses

These photos are set to lower resolution and compressed 10:1 for faster loading. You are welcome to look at or download any of the photos. If you use them on any other webpage, please give credit and refer back to me.

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