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I'm sure most of you have seen trailing mouse cursors before. What purpose do they serve? None that I know of, but you have to admit they are interesting and pretty ingenious. I am impressed with the work that has gone into making these things. They are fun to look at, but I wouldn't want my web pages cluttered with them. I would consider maybe using one for holidays once in a while. Anyway, I put them here for you to look at. If you know how to pull the code out, have at it, but it's too much work for me to set up as a download site. You can always get the codes the way I did. Search the Internet for them. There are a few sites that make it very easy for you to download trailers. I even found a number of sites with trailer icons. I will include a page of some here for you. Also I put a link below to a page of instructions on getting the code.

Though I have many choices in the menu below, there are only a few different codes used, some are the same with different icons and changing sizes. Once you have the code, it's not hard to make changes to it. Some programmers allow that and others don't. If the trailers don't work, your browser may be set to block scripts.

Sorry, some trailers won't run in all browsers, most were made for Microsoft IE.
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A few mouse trailer sites

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