Snowshoeing up to
Strawberry Gondola Station
January 2013 - 31 photos

Saturday the 19th of January, 2013, we did a snowshoe hike up in the Snowbasin area. One of the ladies that went with us last year, Denise, asked me if I would take a group of her friends snowshoeing this year.
I said 'Of course, glad to do it'.

Lucky for us it was a beautiful sunny day up in the mountains. Down in the cities it was smogged in with a weather inversion and very cold, but up high in the mountains it was sunny and quite warm because of the inversion.

We parked our cars at the Green Pond parking area along the Snowbasin Road, and did the short hike up to Green Pond, which was frozen solid and covered with snow. After crossing over the frozen pond, the trail we were following turned and went back down, so we broke our own trail until we found another packed trail going up to the groomed trail that runs from Snowbasin over to Strawberry. We walked the trail over to the gondola station and had our lunch on one of their picnic tables. The coffee shop was open so we were even able to get hot chocolate and other goodies to eat.

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Our group standing in the middle of Green Pond on the way up to the Strawberry Gondola Station.

We had a total of 9 people in our group. Seven young ladies and two old men. We saw a lot of other people out snowshoeing as well.

It was a great day, and we all had a good time. Took us about two hours climbing up to the station, and only one hour to go back down. On the way down we passed Green Pond along the west side, then straight on down the hill to the car. Took us 4 hours total, but we did spend nearly an hour at the Gondola Station.

Our trek took us 3.3 miles and we climbed 468 feet.

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The Strawberry lower gondola station where we had lunch.

Strawberry's lower gondola station, located at the bottom of the ski run, is a turn around point only. There is no road or parking lot at the station. You can only get to it on skis, snowshoes, or snowmobile. Skiers mostly come down from the higher lifts that go up from the Snowbasin side, then use this lift to go back up.

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My photos were taken with a small Canon Powershot, SX260, a 10 Megapixel Camera which has Image Stabilazation and a lens going from wide angle to 20x optical zoom.

These photos are set to lower resolution and compressed 10:1 for faster loading. You are welcome to look at or download any of the photos. If you use them on any other webpage, please give credit and refer back to me.

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