March 18th 2004 - 36 photos

In March of 2004 I purchased a new Canon EF 100-400mm telescopic zoom lens to go with my Canon EOS 300 D, (Digital Rebel). I wanted to see what the big zoom lens would do on this camera and I decided the captive audience of zoo animals would be a good place to start. I took about a 150 photos at the zoo and at least a 100 of them came out very well. Many of these photos were taken from a distance of a 100 feet or more. I am very satisfied with this new lens. Included here are a few of my favorites.

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Hogle Zoo Entrance

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The photos shown here were taken with a Canon EOS 300D, (Digital Rebel) a 6.3 Megapixel SLR Camera, with wide angle to 2x optical zoom. Most of these photos were taken with the Canon EF 100- 400mm IS Zoom lens, (3x to 13x) which has Electronic Image Stabilazation.  The original photos were taken at 3072x2048. These photos are now set to 750 x 500 for faster loading. You are welcome to look at or download any of the photos. If you use them on any other webpage, please give credit and refer back to me.


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